Ambon Jazz Plus Festival 2011

Ambon Jazz Plus Festival (AJPF) on 7 – 8 and 9 october 2011, is not just an annual event but also a major part of a project for the advancement of generations.
AJPF is a vehicle to bring the performing arts to Maluku; with the main aim is to generate enough funds to build the related education infrastructures, Amboina Art & Science Academy (AASA) for future generations to come.
We believe that the spirit of the industry of art & science is in this region of South East Asia.

Ajpflogopianoforweb-300x271 Using five keys on the piano as the background, it is also emphasized specifically on the key of A by placing a red dot, representing the first letter of the name of the city Ambon.
The motto of Ambon Jazz Plus Festival is Generation of colors.

Art & Music are the soul of the people of Maluku and integrated strongly in their culture and daily living. Therefore, a festival in this magnitude is more than just to do it in Ambon, the Music City.

This year we would like the world to know that there is a city in the Eastern region of Indonesia, blessed with her resources of art, songs, music and dances; the Music City is to be the formal declaration for Maluku; where we hope the region can focus on Art and Music as the mediums for the advancement of her generations to come.
We believe that the derivatives from the two mediums will be vast and endless.

The word Plus means that it is more than just Jazz music. It is also Hip hop, R&B, Soul, Gospel and World beat.

Click here to visit the AJPF site

Participants from Holland:
Braseiro – featuring Maurice Rugebregt
Jessica Manuputty
Jay Tee
Suara Maluku featuring Vocals: Ais Lawa-Lata, Julya Loko, Adriana Romijn and Anna Makaloy
* Guitar: Chris Latul * Bass: Usje Sabandar * Drums: Victor Lekransy * Percussion: Zeth Mustamu/Jeffry Patty * Keyboard:Coen Molenaar

Participant lineup

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